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Irish Whiskey Trail – 484 km

Embark on the Irish Whiskey Trail Virtual Challenge, where Ireland’s lush landscapes meet the storied halls of its most famous whiskey distilleries. This adventure is more than a journey; it’s a unique blend of fitness and whiskey discovery, tailored for both whiskey enthusiasts and active adventurers.

This trail isn’t just about reaching the next destination; it’s an immersive experience. At each waypoint, you’ll receive an email packed with stories and history about the distillery you’ve reached, enriching your journey with knowledge and appreciation for Ireland’s whiskey heritage.

Whether you’re walking, running, or cycling, the Irish Whiskey Trail offers a captivating way to explore Ireland’s “liquid gold” while keeping fit. With every step forward, you delve deeper into the heart of Irish tradition, and with every email, you connect more profoundly with the story behind the sip.

Join the Irish Whiskey Trail, where every step tells a story and every sip is a reward. Here’s to getting fit, the Irish way!

Sláinte to an adventure that gets you fit the Irish way!

Challenge Dates

25th February 2024 to 25th December 2024 - 188 days left

Challenge INFO

Sip, stride, and savor Ireland's finest whiskeys on a fitness journey through the legendary Irish Whiskey Trail.

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Running, Walking, Cycling


On your Irish Whiskey Trail journey, you'll receive enriching waypoint emails with insider info and special offers, alongside personalized rewards: an e-bib, digital medal, and a certificate of completion, celebrating your adventure and achievements.

Irish Whiskey Trail – 484 km

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