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Phoenix Park Virtual Fun Run – BETA

Join us on a virtual walk or run around Phoenix Park, the largest enclosed park in any capital city in Europe at 1,752 acres.

Simply step out your front door and start walking, running or cycling, then add your distance manually below and save. Check your progress on the map and receive an e-card about each point of interest with fun facts and pictures as you pass it.

Our virtual fun run is 17km long, either run it one go or over a few days, it is up to you.

Chat with others taking part, read stories about the park and its history.

(Join and help us test our systems prior to full launch)

Challenge Dates

1st January 2024 to 29th February 2024 - Challenge Ended

Challenge INFO

Join our virtual fun run of the Phoenix Park and learn some history, facts and fun things about the park.

Participate by...

Walking, Running, Cycling, Hopping


Receive a personalise ebib, digital medal and a certificate of completion.

Phoenix Park Virtual Fun Run – BETA

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